Tuesday, March 17, 2009

"Trevor (Gen II)"

The whirlwind of activity has finally subsided. Last Saturday's grand re-opening of our new Mainstore was a fantastic success (and it was a whole lot of fun!!), the grand opening of the Shops at Jake's Club Resort turned out fantastic, and our newest location out at the Cherry Park mall went into 'soft opening' mode without a hitch. Once things had quieted down a bit, I took a look at my Workshop folder in inventoryand noticed that another shape was sitting there unfinished, so I went into 'busy mode' for a while and finished packaging up old "Trevor II".

"Why 'Trevor II'?" you ask? Well the original 'Trevor' shape was one of the first sold in our shop. At that point in time I was still rushing to get things done so I could get them out on the sales floor, and in all honesty I don't think I did poor old Trevor justice. What has changed since then? Well, we now have the fantastic line of Signature skins to work with and the 'Rage' skin looked like it would be perfect for giving old Trev a makeover. Here's a pic of the new and improved "Trevor"...

So just what did I do to him? A number of things actually... I made him just a wee bit beefier and taller - not too much, though. I still wanted him to have a lean, lanky look, but this time I wanted to give him a bit of a bad boy edge. Once I had his body sorted I went on to re-scuplt his head and face. Again, I didn't want to make him into something completely new - I just wanted to improve on what I'd already started. To tell the truth, the original Trevor was looking a little bit Muppety and I wanted to make him look more 'real'.

Once he had the 'Rage' skin on I gave him fuller lips and sculpted them a bit more to give a bit of a pout to them and shifted his mouth upwards a bit. Also, I refined his nose so that the nostrils were better placed and narrowed his eyes just a tad. Trevor's jaw and nose were also fined down considerably and his face made slightly longer to accentuate the new cheekbones I'd given him.

I know it sounds like I did quite a bit to him, but really all I did was use the Signature skin as a guide in making him more natural-looking. He's currently out in all the shops except the Romeo store, so head on down and try on a wearable demo. I'm very pleased with the way he's turned out and he's certain to give you a unique, sexy look.

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